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Luke Bartlett

Director | The Ellby Group of Companies


Understanding the importance of a strong educational foundation, Luke Bartlett completed a Bachelor of Economics from The University of Queensland, a diploma in information technology and a master’s degree in management from Charles Sturt University, as well as multiple Microsoft certifications. Throughout the course of a 20-year career, he held roles as director of client services and general manager of client services for SEMA Group Proprietary Limited, principal consultant for JayB Enterprises, director of UpFlow Proprietary Limited, director of Tech by Design, and chief operating officer for Filebound Australia. In 2011, Mr. Bartlett assumed a position as director of Ellby Group Proprietary Limited. As mentioned on the company’s website,,The Ellby Group Pty Ltd [is] a technology investment organization specializing in the Asia Pacific region. We find new or innovative technologies and then create a business structure around them often lead by a hand-selected entrepreneurial leader.” As head of the company, Mr. Bartlett influences change management, leadership, and transformational technology startup. Proficient in building high performance teams, he oversees sales, strategic planning, product development, and innovative processes. Mr. Bartlett is an expert in building culture of accountability, client experience models, and leading his enterprise through change. In the coming years, he aspires to network and consult with professionals internationally to keep abreast of changes in his field and stay current with technological advances.

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